Can Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Can Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Well, for every newbie blogger, making money seems to be a steep task. Yes, you need to try every single method, make products or else, Google Adsense is left as the core option.

To be honest, if you are into earning quick money and your blog has got regular visitors, earning money using Google Adsense is fairly simple.

So, what you really need to do?

Well, just sign-up for the Adsense account, wait for their confirmation, run ads on your blogs and that’s it. You are pretty much good to go.

But, hold on, as of today, Adsense is banning tons of accounts out of which some of the reasons don’t really stand to be a legit one.

Hence, in this article, we will certainly unfold the mystery so as to how you can earn money without Google Adsense.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Google Adsense Issues You Can Face at any Time

Google Adsense

As and when you post your content, you must abide by the guidelines of content given by the Adsense Team.

Simply, you cannot go on and post anything you like. Whereas, websites which allow us to view movies, you simply cannot post such type of content.

In order to earn money from Adsense, you need to try out different optimization techniques such as using keywords with high CPC.

In case, if your website generation is from the Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh, you will earn pennies from Adsense.

Hence, if you think, Adsense is great enough, you may have to rethink in most of the cases.

Why And How Your Life Can Become Better Without Google Adsense Account?

Before we proceed with the actual alternative to Google Adsense, let me share my Adsense journey with you lovely people.

As and when I began by blogging carrier, I literally had no idea to make money. Hence, due to my firing passion for writing, I started my blogging carrier to share my knowledge with the whole world.

And, as and when I wrote blog posts, I started to hear about Google Adsense from my friends that it can actually help me make some money.

Hence, after all the juggle and struggle, I implemented Adsense. Still, I earned my first income of $50 from Affiliate network.

And, if you consider the Adsense earning of people all over the world, people are barely making money from it.

Experiment & Learn From the Same

Want to know the best part of blogging? Well, it’s none other than experimenting.

As and when you start experimenting with the all-new monetization methods, you can come across that one, which can generate tons of money.

Further, experimenting even makes you learn from other bloggers with time and pace.

Thus, now that you know my Adsense story that I barely made any money from it, it’s time for us to unveil the evergreen source of passive income.

Well, are you excited? I guess you are, so let’s move ahead and unwrap that “ONE EARNING METHOD” which is dominating the 21st Century

Embrace Affiliate Marketing More Than Any Earning Method

Affiliate Marketing

Well, if you see the website of shoutmeloud, their main source of income is itself affiliate marketing.

And, you will find millions of marketing agents talking about the power of affiliate marketing. Many of them have become millionaires just from affiliate marketing.

Yes, Affiliate marketing has the truest potential and it can earn hefty amounts compared with Google Adsense.

Thus, in case if you are planning to earn a substantial income via affiliate marketing, it really doesn’t require any hard work.

All that you need to do is to promote the products of other company and based on product commission rate, you get commissions, as simple as that.

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What’s the Key to Earn Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Well, first of all, people wouldn’t buy any product from you if you don’t do a thing called, “SELF PROMOTION”.

Yes, you will have to convince people that you have been using the product and its quite effective, nice.

Other than this, you will have to show its benefits or else, you can even hire a copywriter for the same.

After which, you can place your affiliate links and start earning some good revenue, in pretty good time.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits: Earn More Than Google Adsense

Well, until now, you must have understood that Affiliate marketing is different. You don’t really have to brainstorm your brain or need to do something unique.

And, what’s the best part? You don’t have to worry about creating your own product, that’s pretty awesome.

So, now, to let you know the power of affiliate marketing, let us move ahead and discover the Top Affiliate Marketing Benefits:

1. Faster Customer Acquisition

Google Adsense

credits: Neil Patel

One of the greatest reasons so as to why affiliate marketing is best than Google Adsense is the easement in getting customers.

If you have done enough study on taking a particular niche and have begun writing articles, you will eventually see customers coming up, buying products and giving affiliate commissions.

2. Fixed Costs

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or run a company which promotes affiliate products, incurring costs will remain fixed.

What does that mean? Well, with this, you can get a solid understanding so as to what your marketing expenses will be. And, what is the number of the amount you will generate from affiliate sales.

Further, fixed cost is one of the biggest reasons people love affiliate marketing. And, when we compare it with Google Adsense, Affiliate truly wins, hands down.

3. Increase in Brand Visibility

Google Adsense

In case if you want to take your brand name to the next level, affiliate marketing is one of the best choices.

Yes, affiliate marketing has helped tons of companies to get in front of the audience, promote their products and boost up brand visibility.

On the other hand, the different affiliate can know your brand and can even collaborate with you for making affiliate commissions.

Overall, for any small-scale brand out there, if you want to increase your brand visibility, Affiliate marketing is a must to go choice.

4. Targeted Ads

Affiliate Marketing Programs

In many cases, for affiliate marketing to actually work, people make use of ads and place it on their websites.

Since bloggers know the actual interest of their targeted audience, they create more targeted ads which can generate sales for them.

Out of which, the two most popular ad networks are Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Still, I will suggest, go for Facebook Ads because they are much more affordable than Google Adwordwords. And, eventually, with time, ads will begin to generate some good sales as compared to Google Adsense.

5. Cost Saving

Instead of going for different campaigns such as PPC and SEO, why not invest all your time in Affiliate marketing?

Yes, it will be great and will help you cut down every single cost of yours.


Affiliate marketing doesn’t really need any product making, sales team and you can promote products of other brands.

Hence, with this, you can actually save tons of money and at the same time generate it from Affiliate Sales.

6. Increase in Transparency

Google Adsense

Well, the return on investments from affiliate marketing is pretty much clear. With this, you can calculate on the money you will spend on affiliate marketing campaign and think of the money which will come as an income.

Further, there is certainly no hidden cost in affiliate marketing. You certainly get paid for the products you sell, from any company.

Hence, the number of sales you will generate from affiliate links, you will be given precise money, based on that sole thing.

7. Popularity

In case if you have a popular base where people read your blog posts, affiliate marketing works the best in such cases.

Here, the more links you post and the more you let visitors engaged, you can generate some hefty amount of money from Affiliate marketing. And, of course, it will b a lot more than Google Adsense.

Thus, with this, Affiliate marketing makes way for bloggers who want to become famous through their website, generate sales and get huge revenue from the same.

8. Diversity

Affiliate marketing has different ways with which, you can make money being at the comfort of your one house. Yes, be it promoting on your website or by sharing affiliate links on Whatsapp groups, there is a significant diversity in affiliate marketing.

Further, one thing which you will need to take care off is to write excellent and engaging content all over.

In addition, in case if you are promoting web-based products, you can be sure of recurring income and diversify your income, in no time.

9. Ease in Marketing

More on the interesting note, Affiliate marketing actually saves tons of time, money and energy. Here, you don’t really need a salesperson or a marketing team. Hence, you don’t have any extra incurred cost which will go in such things.

Hence, all you need to do is the paste your affiliate links whenever it is possible. Be it on your own blog or on any WhatsApp group. Just paste the links and wait for the fruit to bear some good results.

Other than this, you can even make use of automation apps which can bear results in double quick time.

10. Negligible Risk

What’s the Risk in Affiliate Marketing? Well, I guess its almost zero. In case, you have placed your affiliate links, people will buy products from your clicked links, you will get the desired commission.

While, in case if people don’t click on the links, you will not get the desired commission, it is that simple.

Further, if you will promote products on many popular websites, you are guaranteed to generate a significant amount of sales in no time.

On the contrary, in Google Adsense, you certainly have a lot of risks whereas, the banning of Google Adsense Account stands to be the biggest risk factor.

11. Cost

With a model where an affiliate marketer will generate revenue after the customer has brought from his clicked link, you can’t really think of a better cost-effective model.

Here, investment is almost negligible, promoting using the marketing team is absent and all you get is pure income.

12. Product Creation

Google Adsense

Whether you are looking to promote the product of almost any company, one thing is sure. You don’t really need to create your own product at any cost.

In fact, most of the affiliates in the world generate a good amount of revenue just by promoting the products and services of other companies.

13. No Limit on Your Income

Well, pretty much yes. Starting from 0 and going to infinity has become the basic norm of affiliate marketing. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can make money all-round the clock without having an extra burden at any cost.

Since your website will never close, you can paste a number of affiliate links on your website and generate a hefty amount of revenue, all-year long.

Final Word Of Mouth: Can The Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Well, as of now, I guess your minds are pretty clear so as to you can make money without using Google Adsense;

If we talk about the affiliate marketers of the world, people are making millions and are living life on their own terms.

They don’t have any boss, they are making a healthy living and are generating more sources of passive income.

Hence, NOW, all comes down to you. In case if you really liked the idea of affiliate marketing, “NOW” is the time when you can start it.

So what you need to do? Well, just make a website, pick a niche, start writing impeccable contents and HOLA!. You can then add affiliate links to your content and earn all round the clock.

Finally, if you really liked this article of,” Can The Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?”, do share it with your friends, family. And, let them indulge in the world of Affiliate Marketing, much sooner.


Affiliate Programs: Here Are the Top Grossing Affiliate Programs of 2018

Well, you, me or almost every single individual has really got one thing in common. Can’t guess? It is none other than to “Become a millionaire by making money online”. Hence, to let you know the magical formula, I have got for you some of the best affiliate programs of 2018.

Thus, what you really need to do?

Well, pretty much one thing. Relax yourselves in, chill-in with your favorite drink as we go on to unwrap the best affiliate programs of 2018.

Discover The Top Affiliate Programs of 2018

1.ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Well, do you want your dream car to be paid for? If the answer is yes then refer 100 customers to click funnels. And, you will certainly witness your dream car soon turn into reality.

Here, the simple and straight motto of Click Funnels run on referring 100 customers. After which, the company covers each and every payment of your dream car.

In addition, you even get an opportunity to earn heavy recurring commissions on their top class services and products.

Being a company which offers one of the best affiliate programs, Clickfunnels offers a whopping 40% recurring commission on every sale you send to them.

Finally, on their starter plan, the company offers $38.00 each month per customer for a lifetime.

Start Earning with ClickFunnels

2. FlexOffers

affiliate programs

Speaking about the Top 10 affiliate programs will eventually bring Flexoffers straight into the limelight. It is one of the best programs when it comes to performance, revenue and is working relentlessly hard to be the very best.

Here, the company offers different programs from very well known niche markets, brands and has got diversity for you to choose from.

In addition, the company has got an in-house editorial team which can help in creating product marketing content.

Hence, with all the things at your convenience, you can just promote the products, services and get a high recurring commission, as simple as that.

Start Earning with FlexOffers

3. Peerfly Affiliate Network

affiliate programs

Well, if you are looking for one of those cost per action affiliate programs, take a look at Peerfly Affiliate Network. This affiliate program has gained tons of recognition over the years and is operating since the year 2009.

Here, the signup process is a bit rigorous because they want to protect their advertiser’s data. In addition, the company takes a time of 3 days before they actually approve or disapprove an application.

On the plus end, the Peerfly affiliate network has got a custom-made platform with which the company can add new features and good adaptive systems in their networks.

Start Earning with Peerfly Affiliate Network

4.Wealthy Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Well, I know you are eager to turn your affiliate marketing passion into a profession. Hence, with our next affiliate program known as the wealthy affiliate program, your dreams can soon be turned into reality.

So what you need to do? Simply follow the given instructions to launch your website, attract traffic and of course, earn huge amounts of revenue.

Since the start of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, the company has helped over 800,000 Entrepreneurs and is continuing to do so.

Launch your very own affiliate marketing program, make money sharing and get back your commissions, much sooner.

Here, the average commission per sign-up is $100 which is per premium sign-up.

Hence, you really don’t have any reason for not to go for the wealthy affiliate program and earn, some hefty amounts of money.

Start Earning with Wealthy Affiliate Program

5. AWeber Affiliate

affiliate programs

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the affiliate commission percentage of AWeber. Here, the company offers 30% recurring commission which is far more than decent.  Moving ahead, it is absolutely free to sign-up and the payments are done on a monthly basis.

Now, in case if you really don’t know what AWeber is, let me simplify it for you. AWeber is an emailing marketing company which is used by a heck population of people all over the world.

Here, marketers, businessman creates automated messages & even keep a track of key email statistics.

Overall, AWeber is truly one of the best affiliate programs whose 30% affiliate commission percentage is definitely more than sufficient.

Start Earning with AWeber Affiliate

6. Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program

affiliate programs

In case, if you don’t know about the Leadpages Affiliate Partner program, let me explain it to you. It is landing page software which is currently used by over 30,000 business and is still growing.

In addition, they make people’s work easier to capture email address and generate leads for them.

Further, coming down towards their affiliate commission, they offer 30% recurring commissions for any business, you send to them.

For registration, the process is really simple and you can do the same by clicking on the below link:

Start Earning with Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program

7. Shopify Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

I bet, you must have known about shopify which is an online selling site selling loads of different products. Here, by signing up with the shopify affiliate program, you can earn up to 20% commissions right from scratch.

For every business owner, Shopify is a great e-Commerce platform and with an attempt to become an affiliate marketer, you must surely try onto this one.

Start Earning with Shopify Affiliate Program

8. Get Response

affiliate programs

With an intention to offer up to 33% of commission for a lifetime, the all-time famous email marketing software Get Response can make you wealthy.

Here, with the help of their affiliate program, you can get the highest ever recurring payments.

In addition, the company even gives you a 120-Days Cookie life which is amazing in its own way. Finally, you even get an account manager followed by high converting marketing materials.

Start Earning with Get Response Affiliate Program

9. ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Among different affiliate programs, the ElegantThemes has to be in the Top 10. Why? Because they offer up to 50% commissions on each sale you bring their way.

In addition, you get the opportunity to earn commissions over the lifetime with the use of referral subscriptions.

Now, in case if you don’t know about ElegantThemes, it is a pretty much beautiful theme on WordPress.

They offer highly customizable themes whereas the subscription is done on an online basis.

Start Earning with ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

10. Berush Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Till now, you must have seen different affiliate programs but Berush is a whole different one. This is probably one of the best affiliate programs from which is the leader in digital marketing solutions.

Being an affiliate member of SEMRush, you can earn 40% commission on sales and recurring commissions on future subscription renewals.

In addition, they even offer a massive 10-year cookie life followed by two payments per month option.

Start Earning with Berush Affiliate Program

11. Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

 Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Well, when it comes to theme based affiliate programs, Thrive Themes is, of course, one of the most popular ones out there.

Here, the company offers an amazing listing of products for internet marketers, bloggers who are using WordPress.

As per the commission goes, they pay 50% commission on their affiliates. In addition, you even get paid whenever you will refer users or in case they refer their license.

To be honest, I really like their affiliate program because they pay really high commissions.

Start Earning with Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

12. Social Pilot (Social Media Tool)

affiliate programs

Starting with the basics, SocialPilot is a social media automation tool which is much popular among digital marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Here, it helps you in organizing different updates on social media accounts as well as publishing on RSS.

Now, coming down towards commission, they offer 30% recurring commissions for a lifetime. Yes, this is pretty much decent and you can make loads of money just by referring them customers.

In addition, if the customer upgrades their plan, you will get your money for the same too which is an amazing thing.

Start Earning with Social Pilot Affiliate Program

13. JVZoo

affiliate programs

Having an experience of six years, the JVZoo is relatively a newcomer and works on the basics of SaaS approach in affiliate marketing.

In terms of their reputation, they were named among the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Here, different product sellers can list their products in JVZoo marketplace free of cost.

After which, the company gives 5% commission on anything which sells on their website. As for the affiliate marketers, you will get instant payment through your PayPal account as soon as the item gets sold.

Finally, in case if the buyer refunds the given product, the commission will be taken back at the earliest.

Start Earning with JVZoo Affiliate Program

14. CJ Affiliate

affiliate programs

Well, talking about the most popular affiliate programs will bring CJ Affiliate straight in your minds.

It is one of the most popular affiliate programs which has got global reach and was started in the year 1998.

Here, the company offers different options for you to sell products on your site.

Where, you can choose from multiple product selection via slideshow, grid or collage based on your preferences.

And, as usual, based on the products you sell, commissions will come all along the way.

Start Earning with CJ Affiliate Program

15. Amazon Associates

affiliate programs

Till now, I guess everyone has got their own Amazon account and have brought at least one product from the store.

Hence, it gives you immense satisfaction to become a partner of the Amazon Affiliates and earn affiliate commissions.

Here, the signup process is all free and you can put products on your site which have a sense of relevancy.

Thus, without getting into any third party individual programs, you can earn products of Amazon, with ease.

Still, here, you will have to look at the commission rates on different products. And, select the ones having a high commission rate, in any case.

Start Earning with Amazon Affiliates Program

16. Flipkart

affiliate programs

Speaking about one of the earliest e-commerce players, Yes Flipkart is one of them. They have been a brand of Trust and sell crores of products all over the world.

Hence, having crores of products simply means high chances of good conversion rates. Although, the commission on different products will vary based on the user landing on your page or buying that specific product.

Further, you can even earn the commission based on every installation of an app. On the Flipkart side, they give a bundle of tools which makes affiliate marketing much easier.

It has got ready to make product links, widgets, banners which you can simply plug-in to your site.

Overall, you can be sure of a pretty high commission from Flipkart.

Start Earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program

17. BigRock

affiliate programs

Bigrock is probably one of the biggest domain sellers in India and is still on the verge of expansion. Here, they have also got affiliate programs which come with high commission payouts.

Wondering about one of the biggest advantages of BigRock affiliate program? Well, it is their deep portfolio of products.

For instance, you can sell any product of BigRock ranging from Website Hosting, Domains, Email Hosting, DIY Website Builder Tool, Digital Certificates and much more.

In either case, if you run a blog then signing up for BigRock is a huge advantage for you. Thus, you can add BigRock services on your website, let the users convert and earn handsomely with ease.

Start Earning with BigRock Affiliate Program

 18. GoDaddy

affiliate programs

If there is one company which is competing with BigRock, it is none other than GoDaddy. Yes, it is the world’s leading domain name seller and has got a specific program for the same.

Here, you can earn commissions as high as 100% on the range of plans and services offered by GoDaddy.

Hence, you can earn commissions on domains, hosting plans, email accounts, and even reseller plans.

Finally, you get over 100 quick click-through banners which you can place on your site and start earning your commission.

Start Earning with GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Wrapping Things Up: Best Affiliate Programs of 2018

So, there we go. After spanning throughout the whole article, I hope you must have liked some of the above-given affiliate programs.

Hence, what you really need to do? Well, move ahead, choose any one or even two of them. And, become the next Big Affiliate marketer through these affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing: Discover Some Most Working Tips to Earn Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Well, “I really want to make money using affiliate marketing?” Yes, I have received this question over a plethora of times.

Hence, right here in this article, we will know what actually is affiliate marketing and each and everything related to it.

Talking about affiliate marketing, it is probably one of the strongest ways to make money online. So, what you need to do? Well, just promote the products and you get a simple commission in between.

Still, I know you have got plenty of doubts, and that’s what we will solve and uncover each and everything in relation to affiliate marketing.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let us jump into the topic and discover every minute detail related to affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

Now, talking about the precise definition, Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as, “A marketing practice where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each sale made by the affiliate.”

Hence, in simpler terms, whenever you sell a product or service of any company, firm or brand, you get a commission in between. Such a commission can vary depending on the products price, as simple as that.

In addition, you can find different affiliate programs which can help you generate, tons of money in no time.

Further, Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest and quickest ways of making hefty money online.

Here, you really don’t need to create your own product or do its marketing. All that you need to do is to sell products of other company.

How You Can Do Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

The very first thing which you will need to do is to join for any affiliate marketing program. Further, you will need to select on the products you can sell.

Here, the owners of the product will provide you with the affiliate code which will drive traffic indirectly to their site.

On top of that, you will be given different banners, several types of creative copies and text links for the same.

Now, if any customer will be interested in that product, he/she will click on that link and if the product gets sold, you will get your commission.

How can your performance be tracked?

In case if you want to track your performance, there is one way for that too. Here, just by using the seller id, you can track your performance with an affiliate software.

In addition, some affiliate programs even deliver real-time access to products even before the sale actually starts.

Well, wondering about the different terms of payment? Let us move ahead and discover each of those:

Different Payment Terms to Make Online Using Affiliate Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC)

affiliate marketing websites

In this section, you can make money online depending on the amount of traffic you can generate on a merchant’s destination.

Here, you can use your own site and can generate tons of traffic for the merchant of which you are selling products.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

affiliate marketing websites

This cannot become as simple as the words itself. In this case, you get commission based on the per sale basis.

Hence, the moment any customer buys a product from your link, you get a small commission in between.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

affiliate marketing

Once the visitor gives you their contact information on the merchant site, you can make money on an instant basis.

Why You Must Consider Affiliate Marketing For Making Money Online?

Although affiliate marketing is not new, it is still known as the highest marketing program for generating hefty money.

I bet, you must have seen people who are making six to seven digits per year just by affiliate marketing.

Hence, out here in the next sections, I will give you some marvellous tips which can make you a millionaire in no time.

But before that, let us take a look at the things which you must consider being a good affiliate marketer.

Free of Cost

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the phenomenon of “free cost” truly comes into limelight.

Here, you don’t really need to pay anything and in return, can generate money in no time.

Further, in marketing products, the process is inexpensive as you can use your own site to promote products.

No Need of Customer Service Support

Customer support team is not mandatory as you don’t really make any product. You just sell the created products and you are the masters of your own destiny.

No Storage and Shipping Required

Shipping and storage will not be your cup of tea as each and everything will be handled by the seller.

Good Source of Passive Income

In any case, if you are struggling from job life, you need a good passive income to quit your job, right?

Hence, with affiliate marketing, you can truly make a living out of nothing. Here, you can start with the basic promotion and then, make your own site, promote products and have your commission, without much issue.

Work From Home Comfortably

If you are earning money from affiliate marketing on a regular basis, you know what I am talking about.

If you generate a steady pace of income, you can sit in your homes, relax and get your income from affiliate marketing.

Now, I hope you have understood the perks of becoming an affiliate marketer.

Hence, in the below section, we will be talking about some marvellous tips which will help you earn money from affiliate marketing.

8 Amazing Tips to Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

1. Write a masterpiece & select a good hosting provider

affiliate marketing

Well, let’s face it. Each and every time you are about to start affiliate marketing, it isn’t about promoting your products. Instead writing killer articles and providing value to the users even stands as a key role.

Hence, here, you must pay focus on the SEO and write articles which can really compel the customers to buy products from your given affiliate links.

On the other hand, in the midst of choosing the best hosting provider, you must even look at the site loading speeds.

Here, the more time it takes, greater will be your bounce back rate, as simple as that. Thus, as per my suggestions, going after Hostgator or even BlueHost can do the job for you quite comfortably.

Send Automated Emails

Now, as far as building your audience goes, you must definitely have an email list if you want to become successful in affiliate marketing.

One easy way through which you can send automated emails to your customers is with the help of AWeber.

Hence, with this useful emailing site, you can set the options, target your audience and AWeber is smart enough to send emails to specified people.

Results? You will certainly see an increase in your affiliate marketing commission over time. And with that, a hefty amount of money truly awaits your presence.

2.Select Few Products, But the Good Ones

affiliate marketing

In case if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, you must be careful of the products you must choose.

Hence, in choosing affiliate marketing programs, you must select products based on your niche and then promote the same.

In addition, you must take enough time to research the products and then choose the most appropriate ones.

Here, understanding the needs of the market stands as the sole key which is the thing you must take into consideration.

3.Establish different source of traffic to promote products and services

affiliate marketing for beginners

Yet another tip and yet another mistake made by the affiliate marketers. In most cases, affiliate marketers unnecessary run ads on their sites.

Although, it isn’t wrong but affiliate marketing for beginners is surely not a cake walk. There are a series of hardships which come time after time before you become a successful affiliate marketer.

Right before ads, there are over tons of ways with which you can generate traffic from other sources. The more traffic page gets. More will be the number of sales, as simple as that by PPC.

Make use of Google AdWords

affiliate marketing for beginners

One very good way to drive traffic to your sales page is through the use of Google Adwords. All that you need to do is to run ads in your Adwords Account and use the associated link.

Here, you will need to constantly measure your conversations to see if the cost campaigning is always less than the profit factor.

4. The campaign must be always Tested, Measured and Tracked

In spite of using a single strategy to promote products, using different strategic ideas can be one of the best affiliate marketing options.

Hence, after implementing each strategy, you can test each of them to see which works the best from the rest.

Further, you can even perform split testing and then measure each campaign’s performance before you actually start promoting the product.

Thus, if you keep on changing even the slightest of things, you will see results much sooner. Here also, different strategic program are shown still you can make use of a conversion tracking software.

5. Find out the demand for every product you will sell

affiliate marketing for beginners

If you want to make some good amount of money using affiliate programs, you will need to analyze the demand of every product.

Capture on the products which have high demand, research very well and eliminate the product having low demand.

In addition, you will need to know your audience demands and if you manage to get adequate traffic, goodness awaits you.

Finally, you can run a small online survey, get input from visitors and promote the same products, as simple as that.

6. You must always be Updated With the Present Date Methods And Techniques

Because of the intensely competitive nature affiliate, marketers are dealing with, you have no option other than being updated with the latest methods and techniques.

Hence, with proper fool-proof techniques and methods, you can make some good amount of money using affiliate marketing.

At last, you don’t want to be left behind and let your competitors’ take over you, in any case.

7. Select the Right Merchant in any case

Whenever you are promoting a product, you are also promoting the identity of that person and organization. This must be the very first thing you must know before you go for any product in the desired niche.

Further, you don’t want your potential clients to be disappointed in any case, right? Hence, for keeping your clients coming, again and again, choosing the right person, the company must be your priority.

Normally, if a company/person is good, people will buy their services and products more on a happy scale.

8. Using the Necessary Tools

affiliate marketing

In case if you want to boost your chances to make more money in affiliate marketing, you can make use of different tools.

Here, different online sites have got some brilliant set of tools which can help you to run an affiliate marketing campaign more effectively.

Here, in case if you use a WordPress Site, you can make use of “Affiliate Link Manager” for promoting affiliate products.

Either case, still, you can search on the Internet and use some of the best tools, without any issue.

How you can develop your affiliate marketing business?

affiliate marketing

Whenever you start any type of business, you would make sure that the business is long lasting, Right? Hence, in order to keep your business all-time running.

But, when it comes to developing your affiliate marketing business, toughness can come to your way.

Hence, if you want to develop your affiliate marketing business, you can consider the following things:

1 Study and constantly learn from other people who are in the business

This is one of the most easiest ways to capture immense experience because you get to learn from top affiliate marketers.

Here, you can meet with different influencers, get useful tips from them and make your own affiliate business with time and precision.

2. Get Targeted Traffic

It is a good thing to make people visit your site but it is an immense joy to convert them into leads. Hence, there are four ways in which you can convert customers into potential leads.

  • Free Advertising
  • Paid Advertising
  • Article Marketing
  • Email Marketing

3. Make a PPC Ad

Wondering about the most essential ingredients? Well, it is none other than PPC (Pay Per Click) Ads.

Hence, you will need to write a very good ad to generate sales and increase your online earning money.

4.  Always choose quality over quantity

Having loads of different affiliate programs will never guarantee your success in affiliate marketing business.

Hence, the right affiliate marketing business demands good product which will actually drive traffic to your site.

In addition, you must collaborate with quality programs and must maintain healthy relationships with the affiliates.

Wrapping Things Up: Everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing

So, there we go. Now, we are in the concluding phase and I hope you have understood each and everything related to affiliate marketing.

Well, I know it takes time to become a successful affiliate marketer but it is truly worth the hype.

In terms of the future, Affiliate marketing has got a truly bright future which will flourish even more with time and pace.

Hence, being a person who likes to do the affiliate marketing business, there is no specific time.

Go ahead, jump into the field of affiliate marketing and become the next “Affiliate Marketing King” in this highly competitive market.

Bluehost Review: An In-depth Review & Everything You Must Know 2018

Well, I know you have been struggling to find the best web hosting company and finding an urge to find one, Right? To be honest, I too was a person who was struggling with the same issue years ago. But, this time, things are different and so are my knowledge based on different web hosting companies. Hence, right here, I will be giving an in-depth Bluehost review which you will surely love, to the core.

And, maybe, you can find answers to all your lost wandering questions.

So, what you need to do? Well, pretty much nothing. Just show some determination towards this review, hold your favorite coffee mug. And, wait as we are going on an unending journey to unwrap Bluehost review 2018.

Bluehost review: A different Type of Review, This Time

Bluehost review

Hold on! Before we start with the actual review of Bluehost, we must know about the company’s background. Thus, let’s, move ahead and unwrap the same.

Who is Bluehost?

For over decades, Bluehost has been the lone king when it comes towards the best web hosting for every customer. Right from their foundational year 2003 to date, the company’s innovation has benefited tons of customers.

As of now, Bluehost is empowering around 2 million websites which are indeed humongous and marvelous. Being one of the most popular websites hosting company, their team radar has also grown to a massive extent.

In addition, by WordPress, Bluehost has been said as the best WordPress hosting company which signifies its true excellence.

Hence, willing to know about this mega giant hosting company? I think you should be. Hence, let’s take a leap ahead and gather some real pearl information of the company: Bluehost.

Bluehost review: Features of Bluehost

1. Excellent Customer Support Services

Bluehost review


When it comes to bluehost customer service, the metrics of excellence truly comes into the picture. Finally, one of the best possible reasons you may consider Bluehost is their customer support service.

Yes, their team of experts is smart enough to solve any issue of yours with professionalism and excellence.

What About the Customer Support Working Hours?

Coming down to Customer Service Working hours, the amazing 24×7 customer support comes into the picture. Hence, the teams are ready every minute and are eager to resolve your issue with clearance and determination.

Some of the Key Features of bluehost customer service:

  • A team of specialized people
  • Commitment with WordPress has led to the development of a great WordPress Support Team
  • 24×7 Customer Service Support
  • Live Chat Support Available
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Is Bluehost trained enough to resolve Technical Issues?

having a team of professionals, solving technical issues has always been their forte. More often, the team is good in solving VPS as well as dedicated server technical issues.

2. User-Friendly Control Panel

Bluehost review 2018


Moving ahead in this Bluehost review, another major highlight to choose Bluehost is due to their extremely friendly user panel.

Along with good resources, this company has made their user interface extremely simple for its customers.

Personally, I love the clean and unique user interface where finding everything is as clear as water. As soon as you log in, everything will be presented right in front of your eyes and you don’t need to hustle, even for a second.

Forget the tradition to search through tabs and finding buttons to access tools you need. So, what you will do?

Hence, right from your account, you can easily access the Bluehost marketplace without any issue.

In addition, you can even shop for your favorite services, install them and amplify your hosting experience.

What Can You Get From Bluehost Market Place?

bluehost wordpress



Well, pretty much you need from a well-reputed web hosting company. Thousands of apps, scripts, and plug-ins are waiting for your single click.

Honestly, such a thing truly enhances the overall functionality of your blogs helping your online business to flourish, at a greater pace.

Bluehost marketplace covers the following:

  • WordPress Themes
  • Marketing Tools
  • Image Galleries
  • Discussion Forums
  • Shipping Calculators
  • Professional Services such as development, design, advertising and marketing
  • E-Commerce shopping carts & platforms
  • Customer Support with the functionality of Live Chat

And Many More…

What’s there in the cPanel of Bluehost?

Though most of the web hosting companies use the same type of cPanel, Bluehost is a whole different thing. In this Bluehost review, the tables will turn as we will show you a unique and a creative side of Bluehost.

With cPanel, accessing is still not as easy as the customers are finding it difficult to understand it completely. Hence, Bluehost, from their side has done some serious customizations for their customers.

Starting with the basics, they have organized everything in the simplest manner and have added their own set of icons.

Who can prefer the Bluehost Minimalistic Panel?

If you are the one who likes a sleek and minimalistic cPanel, Bluehost can be the perfect option for you. It is simple, easy and you can get an access to almost anything with just a single click.

3. Money Back Guarantee                                                                  bluehost customer service

In any case, if you are not happy with the Bluehost servicing, still one good thing awaits you. With Bluehost, you can avail the massive 30-days money back guarantee.

Hence, in any case, you want to refund your money, pitch up to their 24×7 customer service support and they will be glad enough to serve you with the same.

4. Excellent Uptime Speed

Bluehost review



When it comes to choosing the best web hosting company, this Bluehost review will surely help you tons. Why? Because Bluehost is that one company which has got an excellent uptime regardless of any situation.

For this, I tested Bluehost for a few days and the results which came out was truly awesome. The uptime was extremely stable and Bluehost didn’t go down once in the entire testing period.

Finally, for every customer, they want the best ever uptime which can keep their site running all day/night.

Hence, after this Bluehost review, if you feel uptime is your sole priority, Bluehost, is the lone best ever option.

5. Amazing List of Security Features

best wordpress hosting

In a world of cyber attacks, the security of your web hosting becomes your mandatory norm. In the case of Bluehost, its security features are quite surprising.

Starting with the first point, it delivers 3 Antispam tools which are as follows:

Further, this Bluehost review has brought some more security features for you. You can create filters for different email account & users.

In addition, you can even create IP Address Backlists, manage private keys and other digital certificates.

What am I really impressed In Security Feature?

From my side, I am quite happy to see the secure shell access (SSH) which can help you to securely access the different configuration files.

In addition, Bluehost even offers CloudFlare which improves the overall performance and security to a massive extent.

Bluehost review: Discover Some More Amazing Things about Bluehost


Pricing & Different Category of Hosting Plans Available

1.  Shared Hosting

best wordpress hosting

Though Bluehost doesn’t offer a monthly subscription plan for shared hosting, you can only go for the annual plan.

Hence, if you move on and Sign-up for a two or three years hosting plan, you can avail some hefty discounts on the go.

What will be the Price for 3-Year Hosting Plan on Bluehost?

If you have the money to invest in Bluehost for 3-years, the overall rate gets reduced to a massive extent.

Hence, you can avail the same for just $3.95 per month which is extremely cheap and attractive. Thus, if you like the monthly subscription plan, you may need to look for other options in terms of shared hosting.

2.  VPS Web Hosting

Bluehost review


In case if you are in search of more power and expect high traffic volumes, this Bluehost review has got something for you folks too. Here, you can opt for the VPS Web hosting also known as the Virtual Private Server Hosting.

What Are Different Plans of Bluehost VPS Web Hosting?

At first, Bluehost delivers three tiers of Linux-Based VPS Hosting which are as follows:

  • $19.99 per Month Standard Plan: 30GB Solid State Storage, 2GB Memory, and Unlimited Data Transfers
  • $29.99 per month Enhanced Plan: 60GB SSD, 4GB Memory, and Unlimited Data Transfers
  • $119.99 per Month Ultimate Plan: 120GB Solid State Storage, 8GB Memory, and Unlimited Data Transfers

3.  Dedicated Web Hosting

best web hosting


When it comes to a reputable company like Bluehost, you may expect dedicated servers in huge quantities. Hence, in this Bluehost review, the different Dedicated Web Hosting Plans are as follows:

  • $79.99 per month: 500GB Hardrive, 4GB RAM & 5TB Data Transfer every month
  • $99.99 per month: 1TB Hardrive, 8GB RAM & 10TB Data Transfer every month
  • $109 per month: Up to 1TB Hard Drive, 16GB RAM & 15TB Data Transfer every month

Finally, In my opinion, the above numbers are a killer and specs effortlessly make it look more attractive.

4. Wordpress Web Hosting

Bluehost review


Want the duality of Bluehost WordPress, look nowhere else than the amazing WordPress Web Hosting. Right here in this hosting, you can get some of the most valuable packages which are as follows:

  • Standard $2.75 per month: One Year Contract
  • Plus $4.95 per month: One Year Contract
  • Prime $5.45per month: One Year Contract

5. Cloud Hosting

bluehost wordpress


Like any other hosting company, Bluehost too offer cloud hosting services.

Well, don’t really know about cloud hosting? Let me simplify it for you. Using Cloud hosting, your site’s resources are shared across different world servers.

The Real Benefits? You can effortlessly scale your site at any point in time.

What are the Different Plans which come with Bluehost?

Starter Plan: $9.99 per month

  • 2GB RAM
  • 100GB Storage

Recommended Plan: $13.99 per month

  • 4GB RAM
  • Unlimited Storage

Business Pro Tier Plan: $25.99 per month

  • 6GB RAM
  • Unlimited Storage

My Opinion on Bluehost pricing?

Right from my opinion, bluehost pricing is truly affordable compared to the list of features, it gives. Hence, from my side, it’s a complete YES when it comes to the price section, without any doubt.

Hosting with WooCommerce Functionality Available

bluehost coupon

In any case, if you are a fanatic of e-commerce, this section of Bluehost review will raise your happiness to orbits.

Are you building your own online store? If yes, then WooCommerce can be a great choice. Here, Bluehost has its integration with WooCommerce in which you can get a dedicated IP Address as well as an SSL Certificate.

Hence, with this, you can launch your E-commerce website in no time, integrate WooCommerce. And, start your ever-lasting product selling journey with whole ease and comfort.

Pros of Bluehost

  • Free Domain Available (1 Year)

Here, the free domain comes along with a shared hosting plan which is beneficial for bloggers and small businesses.

  • Feature-Rich C-Panel

With integration with CloudFlare, you cannot go wrong with Bluehost. The custom user interface from Bluehost looks extremely simple, easy and a lot more attractive than original skin

Premium Set of Anti-Spam Protection Available

Yes, with a set of three most premium Anti-Spam Tools, Bluehost safeguards your site in every possible way.

  • Free Unlimited Set of Email Accounts

Going by the name, Yes, Bluehost offers you unlimited email functionality which you can use in tons of money growing ways

  • 24×7 Live Chat and Customer Support

Having the duality of Live Support along with 24×7 functionality truly makes Bluehost, best in business for customer care

  • Unique Set of SSL, IP & SiteLock Protection

These are some optional features which you can use to enhance your site’s security.

  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like Bluehost due to any reason? Not to worry. Their 30-Days Money Back guarantee is sufficient to refund back your money

Cons of Bluehost

  • Speed & Performance Not Up to the Mark
  • Marketing towards a heavy plan
  • Does not offer Month Subscription for Shared Plan
  • Charges Fees for Site Migration
  • Windows Hosting Server Not Available

One Bonus Bluehost Thing

With Bluehost being one of the most reputed web hosting company, good offerings are plenty from their side.

For instance, you can avail different bluehost coupon with which, you can avail heavy discounts, with pride.

Final Word of Mouth: An In-Depth Bluehost review 2018

So, there we go. I hope you have gone throughout the review of Bluehost 2018 and found some real pearl information from it.

I know it is tough to choose the best web hosting service provider but this review might have eased your task, a little bit.

Now, what you need to do? Scroll down in the comment section and let me know the following things:

  • Will you Buy Bluehost?
  • What is that one Bluehost feature, you loved to the core?
  • What don’t you like about Bluehost?

Last but not the least, share this Bluehost review with your friends, family and spread the word of mouth, with grace and comfort.

Future of E-mail Marketing 2018

Future of E-mail Marketing 2018


E-mail marketing is the practice of direct marketing that involves sending commercial messages to customers or prospective customers. The messages are mostly sent en masses to many people. There are many other ways of business promotion, but e-mail marketing is becoming popular because of the following benefits:

  • 66 % of people have purchased products or services through viewing brand e-mail.
  • About a third of customers have a preference of e-mail brand messages over any other form of communication.
  • The return delivered as a result of sending brand e-mails is 4300 %. For every dollar spent, the business earns 43 dollars more.

Business success often relies on connecting with prospective customers and motivating them to make purchases. E-mail is one of the best ways to track leads, convert leads to prospective buyers, buyers to consistent clients.

 It enables you to connect with people, build trust, prove your worth, and later convince people to make a commitment to purchase when they are ready to do so. The following are some of the ways in which email marketing helps to achieve this.

Raising awareness about brands:


People love sharing valuable information with each other. Businesses could exploit this in form of e-mail marketing. When e-mails about important products or services are sent, the messages could be tailored in such a way that there is a share button to social media and to other mail recipients. 

This way, when people know that certain information could be useful to people they know, they share this information with them. This increases the audience for particular brand messages. People buy from people mostly, and not businesses. This is one of the ways that businesses exploit e-mail marketing.

Boosting sales through product promotion:

Apart from sharing brand information frequently, e-mails can be used for promoting services or products. 98 % of people frequently check their e-mails within a day. Businesses could exploit this fact by sending e-mails about products and services that have been recently rolled out. 

Some of the best ways to captivate audience is through offering discounts with a sense of urgency. For instance, telling people that there are limited offers left on certain products, and that significant discounts will be given if the purchase is done within a limited period of time.

Establishing loyalty of customers:

Other than reaching out to customers to promote brands via e-mail, businesses could create brand loyalty through sharing customer reviews. However, companies should get approval from users before posting their reviews on brands. Others get to see what the customers feel about certain products and services and make it easier for them to make purchases. This also creates brand confidence.

Increasing website traffic through sharing content:

While sending regular e-mails to customers, you can also share links to your website for more comprehensive and informative content. E-mail is a good avenue for attracting subscribers to constantly visit your website. 

You can make this a success by creating new, interesting, valuable and relevant content concerning your products and services. This always ensures that you get frequent traffic to your website.

Growing your audience:

Even without a website, you can increase your audience through e-mail marketing. One of the ways to get customer e-mails is by requesting your customers to add their emails on a book full of mailing lists at receptions and business events. 

Rapports can be built at social gatherings and conferences to pitch sales. Another way is by offering an online form in websites and blogs to let your subscribers fill in their information and contact through e-mail. Information on brands can then be sent to these e-mails.

Turning site visitors into customers:

On your website, you can turn the hundreds of visitors into customers. What you need to do is offer an option for your visitors to sign up. Here, they get to submit their e-mail addresses and these can be used to interact with prospective buyers. 

These relationships can be nurtured in such a way that subscribers become loyal and later buy from you instead of a competitor when they are ready.

E-mail marketing as an avenue to increase customer base and cement customer relationships has been evolving over the years. In 2018, there are trends to watch out for that will be major game changers for direct marketing. Some of these trends to follow are:

Customization of e-mails

In 2018, e-mails will no longer be general and sent in bulk. It is expected that the messages sent will be on a one-to-one basis. There is a sense that each e-mail sent would be tailor made for specific people. Each person would feel that the message was specifically meant for them. 

Such messages have the effect of influencing subscribers to buy. Companies will employ the use of machine learning and AI to track customer behaviour and spending patterns. This information will help to segment the market and send e-mails in differentiated groups to respective recipients.

More clear messages:

Message recipients expect messages to be clear and concise, without generalities. Businesses will be making more effort to ensure that messages are specific, communicating the intended information to customers. 

This way customers know what is expected of them and it helps to speed the decision-making process of customers.

More interactive e-mail:

Marketers will be making inroads into new technology trends. E-mails are expected to be more interactive in 2018, with customers having the option of making purchases within the inbox without necessarily visiting the websites. Also, there will be options for customisation of products within the inbox. This will help improve the experience of the customer and increase purchases.

Better and more engaging transactional e-mails:

E-mails should have some form of marketing so long as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is kept into account. This has the effect of appealing to the most engaged of customers and increases transactions through e-mail. In 2018, expect more companies to send e-mails with lots of marketing.

Deliverability and e-mail testing will be further addressed:

Deliverability is a crucial subject when it comes to e-mail marketing. Businesses need to ensure that opening of e-mails is done in the correct manner and delivered to the correct folder. 

In 2018, there will be a surge in the adoption of authentication due to the emergence of BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) standard.

Push for designs that are more mobile friendly:

People are spending more time on their phones and tablets than in other forms of electronics. A large proportion of e-mails are opened via smartphones and tablets. There is a need for businesses to make their e-mail messages more mobile friendly. 

According to e-consultancy, 73 % of marketing companies were looking to optimise their messaging services for mobile phones.

E-mails that sound more conversational:

Apart from customisation of e-mail messages, companies in 2018 will be looking to make one on one interaction via e-mail. The messaging threads will look more conversational, with the marketers asking questions and letting the recipients give feedback. 

The recipients could in turn ask any questions regarding products and services. This personal engagement has a more likelihood of making successful sales pitch than other forms of e-mail interaction.

Personal data privacy:

In May of 2018, changes in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be enforced. This move is going to be disruptive and may lead to termination of third party e-mail data. Marketing strategies in 2018 are therefore going to change significantly.

Increase in predictive marketing trends:

More marketers in 2018 will be adopting AI and machine learning in predicting customer lifetime value (CLV), both group and individual. Decisions made by companies will be more data driven to help lead to revenue increase. 

The following are the most likely insights to be gained with predictive CLV: subscribers and their attributes that are more profitable within a specific time frame, acquisition types that will earn the highest return on investment (ROI), and attributes of the customer that are more likely to lead to increased lifetime value.

Paid e-mails:

There is a high likelihood that the marketing sector is heading towards a realm of paid e-mails. Protocols for paid e-mails will sift through the e-mails and improve their quality if they make it into your inbox. There will, therefore, be less junk mail in your inbox.


The developing trends for e-mail marketing in 2018 are most likely going to affect how e-mail marketing has been functioning for the coming years. It is evident that this form of marketing is beneficial to both the businesses and the customers. 

Therefore, companies need to make preparations for major changes, and put in place plans to adopt the new trends. This will ensure that businesses make more revenue through improved e-mail marketing practices.

Which Marketing Tool Is Reliable


Aweber vs GetResponse

Let’s talk about some differences and features side by side for Aweber & Get Response usage in different phases. Firstly we look out some background information of both marketing tools with some foundations history.



get response


Aweber & Get Response both are recognizing as the top email marketing platform upon which they had covered thousands of users who can facilitate with this facility. Both have accounted for millions of dollars in sales and marketing for their countless companies and business owners. Both of them are considers to be as the best for setting up a small business, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

1.  Pricing



Aweber starts their package at $19 per month, and provides you only up to 500 subscribers to avail this opportunity.

At the rate of $29 per month you can get the total number of subscribers is about 2500.

As the subscribers increase, it’s always about the same difference in price.


Get Response starts at about $15 per month, It looks to be a gap of $4 but, Get Response gives you the benefit to get up to 1000 subscribers.

While in Get Response you can get total 2500 subscribers in just $25 per month which is quite reasonable for customer.

As the subscribers increase, it’s always about the same difference in price.

Result: Get Response Winner (Due To Best Pricing Features)

2. Opt In Forms

Opt Forms


This section used for collecting subscribers who are interested in learning about the blog.

As talking about the services the Aweber has the best services instead of Get Response.

It has an advantage to select templates and also having capability to embedding forms on site by putting better coding easily.


This section used for collecting subscribers who are interested in learning about the blog.

Get Response is slightly little bit slow in services and having much complications instead of Aweber platform.

Instead of Aweber features Get Response has much low features & also have coding usability issue for customers.

Result: Aweber Winner (Due To Best Features & Coding Readability)

3. Automation



When it comes to email automation & auto respondents you need to have the best you can get, also having professional look & accomplish your goals as well.

Aweber has just well for email responder & email automation as others but not like Get Response.


When it comes to email automation & auto respondents you need to have the best you can get, also having professional look & accomplish your goals as well.

Get Response has the best features than Aweber like, prefer to have cleaner layout.

Get Response also has the best automation because of having better RSS emails and just better auto responder than Aweber.

Result: Get Response Winner (Due To Best Email Responder)

4. List Importing

list importing


The issue in Aweber while importing lists is that, each subscriber has to be opt in again to be on your Aweber list.

It causes a bit drawback for you to losing subscribers as they taking so much time for listing.


On the other hand Get Response will create your list automatically without making them opt in again.

Get Response have full command in listing but somehow take time when it comes to big listing data.

Result: Get Response Winner (Due To Better Listing Property)

5. Tracking



Aweber gives you the best real time stats that how your emails are doing with things like to open rates & click through rates.

Also having an app features to update you every minutes even if you are out of your office as well.


Get Response also have the real time stats to show how email things are going on and having click through rates opportunity.

Get Response also have these features but it takes bit advantage by having goal conversions, email ROI, social share stats etc.

Result: Get Response Winner (Due To Extra Features In Tracking)

Which Hosting is Better

GoDaddy vs HostGator


HostGator and GoDaddy are two massive platforms when it comes to shared web hosting. They are both extremely popular and parallel in what they offer, and that is affordable budget web hosting. But here comes the important thing that which one is the best among both of them? Here you find our review of HostGator vs. GoDaddy, side by side comparison.

Main Features:

This section involves the basic features & specifications of the website hosting. Let’s compare both website hosting platforms side by side along with their basic features included here.

1. Pricing


First of all, we would like to share basic pricing comparison of both web hosting platforms.


Allows fully featured web hosting package in different forms like monthly payment, bi-yearly payment & yearly payment.

The basic starting price with a coupon is about $0.01.

The monthly HostGator plan starts from $7.99/month.

Also facilitate the different payment modes like Credit Card & PayPal payment.


Allows fully featured web hosting package in different forms like monthly payment, bi-yearly payment & yearly payment.

The basic starting price with a coupon is about $3.99.

The monthly GoDaddy plan starts from $7.99/month.

Also facilitate the different payment modes like Credit Card & PayPal payment.

Result: HostGator Winner (Due to lowest starting price for Web Hosting)

2. Bandwidth



Bandwidth is basically the transferring of data when someone clicks or navigates to your website.

HostGator provides you an unlimited bandwidth which assures you to guarantee about the unrestricted access to your website.


Bandwidth is basically the transferring of data when someone clicks or navigates to your website.

Like same as the HostGator, GoDaddy platform also supports an unlimited bandwidth along with guarantee of unrestricted website access.

Result: Tie (HostGator & GoDaddy both have same properties)

3. Disk Space



Disk space refers to the specific area on your web hosting site where you can save your useful data about website like, images, audio, video & email.

HostGator allows you to save unlimited data on your disk space. HostGator offers “Un-metered Storage” which again is a trick. Once you really start using your storage, you’ll get a warning or your account will be terminated.


Disk space refers to the specific area on your web hosting site where you can save your useful data about website like, images, audio, video & email.

GoDaddy offers you to save data on disk space upto 100 GB, on their entry level basic plan, but unlimited on the plans above. This really doesn’t make any difference. Depending on your setup, you may not need anything more than 1GB of storage.

Result: HostGator Winner (Due to lowest disk space on the entry level.)

4. Website Domain



Every website has its own specific unique domain name. Add-on domain names refer to additional web addresses on the web host server.

HostGator entry level basic hosting packages only allow for 1 domain name, but for the above plans it allows for unlimited add-on domain names.



Every website has its own specific unique domain name. Add-on domain names refer to additional web addresses on the web host server.

HostGator entry level basic hosting packages only allow for 1 domain name, but for the above plans it allows for unlimited add-on domain names.

Result: Tie (HostGator & GoDaddy both have same domain specifications.)

Customer Support:

1. Account Setup



Setting up an account in HostGator is quite easy & understandable.

It setup your account instantly with easy steps, so that you can build up your website in just few minutes.


While as per HostGator policy, the setting up an account in GoDaddy is totally different scenario.

In this phase you have to be waited from 30 minutes upto 24 hours for your new account to be activated.

Result: HostGator Winner (Due to lot of time consuming phase in GoDaddy.)

2. Technical Support



HostGator offers you free of cost and provide 24/7 fully support via tickets.

Having 24/7 support is pretty important, especially if you are a beginner.


HostGator offers you free of cost and provide 24/7 fully support via tickets.

Having 24/7 support is pretty important, especially if you are a beginner.

Result: Tie (HostGator & GoDaddy both have same technical support)

3. Money Back Guarantee

Money Back


Provides fully offered for 45 days money back guarantee including all plans.

This will not be restricted for any period of time without any confusion.


Similarly as in HostGator, GoDaddy also support and provide fully money back guarantee for 45 days.

But the little issue in GoDaddy is that, your payment will be refund within 48 hours as start of purchase time. After 48 hours your refund amount will consist of credits to be used in-store.

Result: HostGator Winner (Due to refund policy minimum time availability in GoDaddy)

Technical Features:

1. cPanel



cPanel is basically the platform on server where you can store your data as well as manage your required website like database, file sharing, email managing, transferring, installed programs and much more efficient and popular in capable of frontend utilities.

cPanel is the most easily and commonly used server control panel.


cPanel is basically the platform on server where you can store your data as well as manage your required website like database, file sharing, email managing, transferring, installed programs and much more efficient and popular in capable of frontend utilities.

cPanel is the most easily and commonly used server control panel.

Result: Tie (HostGator & GoDaddy both have the same cPanel.)

2. Database



Database is the major component where your complete record can be stored in web hosting.

Minimum of 1 database is required as per website management. HostGator allows you to have unlimited support to save your data.


Database is the major component where your complete record can be stored in web hosting.

While here in GoDaddy you should have to saved your data in your database upto limit of 10 x 1 GB cap on their entry level basic web hosting package.

Result: HostGator Winner (Due to less space available in GoDaddy at entry level.)

Why Internet Traffic Matters

Traffic classification describes the methods of classifying traffic by observing features passively in the traffic, and in line to particular classification goals. There might be some that only have a vulgar classification goal. For example, whether it is bulk transfer, peer to peer file sharing or transaction-orientated. Some others will set a finer-grained classification goal, for instance the exact number of application represented by the traffic. Traffic features included port number, application payload, temporal, packet size and the characteristic of the traffic. There are a vast range of methods to allocate Internet traffic including exact traffic, for instance port (computer networking) number, payload, heuristic or statistical machine learning.[8]

Accurate network traffic classification is elementary to quite a few Internet activities, from security monitoring to accounting and from quality of service to providing operators with useful forecasts for long-term provisioning. Yet, classification schemes are extremely complex to operate accurately due to the shortage of available knowledge to the network. For example, the packet header related information is always insufficient to allow for an precise methodology. Consequently, the accuracy of any traditional method are between 50%-70%.