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Can Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Can Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Well, for every newbie blogger, making money seems to be a steep task. Yes, you need to try every single method, make products or else, Google Adsense is left as the core option.

To be honest, if you are into earning quick money and your blog has got regular visitors, earning money using Google Adsense is fairly simple.

So, what you really need to do?

Well, just sign-up for the Adsense account, wait for their confirmation, run ads on your blogs and that’s it. You are pretty much good to go.

But, hold on, as of today, Adsense is banning tons of accounts out of which some of the reasons don’t really stand to be a legit one.

Hence, in this article, we will certainly unfold the mystery so as to how you can earn money without Google Adsense.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Google Adsense Issues You Can Face at any Time

Google Adsense

As and when you post your content, you must abide by the guidelines of content given by the Adsense Team.

Simply, you cannot go on and post anything you like. Whereas, websites which allow us to view movies, you simply cannot post such type of content.

In order to earn money from Adsense, you need to try out different optimization techniques such as using keywords with high CPC.

In case, if your website generation is from the Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh, you will earn pennies from Adsense.

Hence, if you think, Adsense is great enough, you may have to rethink in most of the cases.

Why And How Your Life Can Become Better Without Google Adsense Account?

Before we proceed with the actual alternative to Google Adsense, let me share my Adsense journey with you lovely people.

As and when I began by blogging carrier, I literally had no idea to make money. Hence, due to my firing passion for writing, I started my blogging carrier to share my knowledge with the whole world.

And, as and when I wrote blog posts, I started to hear about Google Adsense from my friends that it can actually help me make some money.

Hence, after all the juggle and struggle, I implemented Adsense. Still, I earned my first income of $50 from Affiliate network.

And, if you consider the Adsense earning of people all over the world, people are barely making money from it.

Experiment & Learn From the Same

Want to know the best part of blogging? Well, it’s none other than experimenting.

As and when you start experimenting with the all-new monetization methods, you can come across that one, which can generate tons of money.

Further, experimenting even makes you learn from other bloggers with time and pace.

Thus, now that you know my Adsense story that I barely made any money from it, it’s time for us to unveil the evergreen source of passive income.

Well, are you excited? I guess you are, so let’s move ahead and unwrap that “ONE EARNING METHOD” which is dominating the 21st Century

Embrace Affiliate Marketing More Than Any Earning Method

Affiliate Marketing

Well, if you see the website of shoutmeloud, their main source of income is itself affiliate marketing.

And, you will find millions of marketing agents talking about the power of affiliate marketing. Many of them have become millionaires just from affiliate marketing.

Yes, Affiliate marketing has the truest potential and it can earn hefty amounts compared with Google Adsense.

Thus, in case if you are planning to earn a substantial income via affiliate marketing, it really doesn’t require any hard work.

All that you need to do is to promote the products of other company and based on product commission rate, you get commissions, as simple as that.

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What’s the Key to Earn Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Well, first of all, people wouldn’t buy any product from you if you don’t do a thing called, “SELF PROMOTION”.

Yes, you will have to convince people that you have been using the product and its quite effective, nice.

Other than this, you will have to show its benefits or else, you can even hire a copywriter for the same.

After which, you can place your affiliate links and start earning some good revenue, in pretty good time.

Affiliate Marketing Benefits: Earn More Than Google Adsense

Well, until now, you must have understood that Affiliate marketing is different. You don’t really have to brainstorm your brain or need to do something unique.

And, what’s the best part? You don’t have to worry about creating your own product, that’s pretty awesome.

So, now, to let you know the power of affiliate marketing, let us move ahead and discover the Top Affiliate Marketing Benefits:

1. Faster Customer Acquisition

Google Adsense

credits: Neil Patel

One of the greatest reasons so as to why affiliate marketing is best than Google Adsense is the easement in getting customers.

If you have done enough study on taking a particular niche and have begun writing articles, you will eventually see customers coming up, buying products and giving affiliate commissions.

2. Fixed Costs

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or run a company which promotes affiliate products, incurring costs will remain fixed.

What does that mean? Well, with this, you can get a solid understanding so as to what your marketing expenses will be. And, what is the number of the amount you will generate from affiliate sales.

Further, fixed cost is one of the biggest reasons people love affiliate marketing. And, when we compare it with Google Adsense, Affiliate truly wins, hands down.

3. Increase in Brand Visibility

Google Adsense

In case if you want to take your brand name to the next level, affiliate marketing is one of the best choices.

Yes, affiliate marketing has helped tons of companies to get in front of the audience, promote their products and boost up brand visibility.

On the other hand, the different affiliate can know your brand and can even collaborate with you for making affiliate commissions.

Overall, for any small-scale brand out there, if you want to increase your brand visibility, Affiliate marketing is a must to go choice.

4. Targeted Ads

Affiliate Marketing Programs

In many cases, for affiliate marketing to actually work, people make use of ads and place it on their websites.

Since bloggers know the actual interest of their targeted audience, they create more targeted ads which can generate sales for them.

Out of which, the two most popular ad networks are Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.

Still, I will suggest, go for Facebook Ads because they are much more affordable than Google Adwordwords. And, eventually, with time, ads will begin to generate some good sales as compared to Google Adsense.

5. Cost Saving

Instead of going for different campaigns such as PPC and SEO, why not invest all your time in Affiliate marketing?

Yes, it will be great and will help you cut down every single cost of yours.


Affiliate marketing doesn’t really need any product making, sales team and you can promote products of other brands.

Hence, with this, you can actually save tons of money and at the same time generate it from Affiliate Sales.

6. Increase in Transparency

Google Adsense

Well, the return on investments from affiliate marketing is pretty much clear. With this, you can calculate on the money you will spend on affiliate marketing campaign and think of the money which will come as an income.

Further, there is certainly no hidden cost in affiliate marketing. You certainly get paid for the products you sell, from any company.

Hence, the number of sales you will generate from affiliate links, you will be given precise money, based on that sole thing.

7. Popularity

In case if you have a popular base where people read your blog posts, affiliate marketing works the best in such cases.

Here, the more links you post and the more you let visitors engaged, you can generate some hefty amount of money from Affiliate marketing. And, of course, it will b a lot more than Google Adsense.

Thus, with this, Affiliate marketing makes way for bloggers who want to become famous through their website, generate sales and get huge revenue from the same.

8. Diversity

Affiliate marketing has different ways with which, you can make money being at the comfort of your one house. Yes, be it promoting on your website or by sharing affiliate links on Whatsapp groups, there is a significant diversity in affiliate marketing.

Further, one thing which you will need to take care off is to write excellent and engaging content all over.

In addition, in case if you are promoting web-based products, you can be sure of recurring income and diversify your income, in no time.

9. Ease in Marketing

More on the interesting note, Affiliate marketing actually saves tons of time, money and energy. Here, you don’t really need a salesperson or a marketing team. Hence, you don’t have any extra incurred cost which will go in such things.

Hence, all you need to do is the paste your affiliate links whenever it is possible. Be it on your own blog or on any WhatsApp group. Just paste the links and wait for the fruit to bear some good results.

Other than this, you can even make use of automation apps which can bear results in double quick time.

10. Negligible Risk

What’s the Risk in Affiliate Marketing? Well, I guess its almost zero. In case, you have placed your affiliate links, people will buy products from your clicked links, you will get the desired commission.

While, in case if people don’t click on the links, you will not get the desired commission, it is that simple.

Further, if you will promote products on many popular websites, you are guaranteed to generate a significant amount of sales in no time.

On the contrary, in Google Adsense, you certainly have a lot of risks whereas, the banning of Google Adsense Account stands to be the biggest risk factor.

11. Cost

With a model where an affiliate marketer will generate revenue after the customer has brought from his clicked link, you can’t really think of a better cost-effective model.

Here, investment is almost negligible, promoting using the marketing team is absent and all you get is pure income.

12. Product Creation

Google Adsense

Whether you are looking to promote the product of almost any company, one thing is sure. You don’t really need to create your own product at any cost.

In fact, most of the affiliates in the world generate a good amount of revenue just by promoting the products and services of other companies.

13. No Limit on Your Income

Well, pretty much yes. Starting from 0 and going to infinity has become the basic norm of affiliate marketing. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can make money all-round the clock without having an extra burden at any cost.

Since your website will never close, you can paste a number of affiliate links on your website and generate a hefty amount of revenue, all-year long.

Final Word Of Mouth: Can The Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?

Well, as of now, I guess your minds are pretty clear so as to you can make money without using Google Adsense;

If we talk about the affiliate marketers of the world, people are making millions and are living life on their own terms.

They don’t have any boss, they are making a healthy living and are generating more sources of passive income.

Hence, NOW, all comes down to you. In case if you really liked the idea of affiliate marketing, “NOW” is the time when you can start it.

So what you need to do? Well, just make a website, pick a niche, start writing impeccable contents and HOLA!. You can then add affiliate links to your content and earn all round the clock.

Finally, if you really liked this article of,” Can The Bloggers Even Make Some Good Money Without Google Adsense?”, do share it with your friends, family. And, let them indulge in the world of Affiliate Marketing, much sooner.


Affiliate Programs: Here Are the Top Grossing Affiliate Programs of 2018

Well, you, me or almost every single individual has really got one thing in common. Can’t guess? It is none other than to “Become a millionaire by making money online”. Hence, to let you know the magical formula, I have got for you some of the best affiliate programs of 2018.

Thus, what you really need to do?

Well, pretty much one thing. Relax yourselves in, chill-in with your favorite drink as we go on to unwrap the best affiliate programs of 2018.

Discover The Top Affiliate Programs of 2018

1.ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Well, do you want your dream car to be paid for? If the answer is yes then refer 100 customers to click funnels. And, you will certainly witness your dream car soon turn into reality.

Here, the simple and straight motto of Click Funnels run on referring 100 customers. After which, the company covers each and every payment of your dream car.

In addition, you even get an opportunity to earn heavy recurring commissions on their top class services and products.

Being a company which offers one of the best affiliate programs, Clickfunnels offers a whopping 40% recurring commission on every sale you send to them.

Finally, on their starter plan, the company offers $38.00 each month per customer for a lifetime.

Start Earning with ClickFunnels

2. FlexOffers

affiliate programs

Speaking about the Top 10 affiliate programs will eventually bring Flexoffers straight into the limelight. It is one of the best programs when it comes to performance, revenue and is working relentlessly hard to be the very best.

Here, the company offers different programs from very well known niche markets, brands and has got diversity for you to choose from.

In addition, the company has got an in-house editorial team which can help in creating product marketing content.

Hence, with all the things at your convenience, you can just promote the products, services and get a high recurring commission, as simple as that.

Start Earning with FlexOffers

3. Peerfly Affiliate Network

affiliate programs

Well, if you are looking for one of those cost per action affiliate programs, take a look at Peerfly Affiliate Network. This affiliate program has gained tons of recognition over the years and is operating since the year 2009.

Here, the signup process is a bit rigorous because they want to protect their advertiser’s data. In addition, the company takes a time of 3 days before they actually approve or disapprove an application.

On the plus end, the Peerfly affiliate network has got a custom-made platform with which the company can add new features and good adaptive systems in their networks.

Start Earning with Peerfly Affiliate Network

4.Wealthy Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Well, I know you are eager to turn your affiliate marketing passion into a profession. Hence, with our next affiliate program known as the wealthy affiliate program, your dreams can soon be turned into reality.

So what you need to do? Simply follow the given instructions to launch your website, attract traffic and of course, earn huge amounts of revenue.

Since the start of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, the company has helped over 800,000 Entrepreneurs and is continuing to do so.

Launch your very own affiliate marketing program, make money sharing and get back your commissions, much sooner.

Here, the average commission per sign-up is $100 which is per premium sign-up.

Hence, you really don’t have any reason for not to go for the wealthy affiliate program and earn, some hefty amounts of money.

Start Earning with Wealthy Affiliate Program

5. AWeber Affiliate

affiliate programs

Well, first of all, let’s talk about the affiliate commission percentage of AWeber. Here, the company offers 30% recurring commission which is far more than decent.  Moving ahead, it is absolutely free to sign-up and the payments are done on a monthly basis.

Now, in case if you really don’t know what AWeber is, let me simplify it for you. AWeber is an emailing marketing company which is used by a heck population of people all over the world.

Here, marketers, businessman creates automated messages & even keep a track of key email statistics.

Overall, AWeber is truly one of the best affiliate programs whose 30% affiliate commission percentage is definitely more than sufficient.

Start Earning with AWeber Affiliate

6. Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program

affiliate programs

In case, if you don’t know about the Leadpages Affiliate Partner program, let me explain it to you. It is landing page software which is currently used by over 30,000 business and is still growing.

In addition, they make people’s work easier to capture email address and generate leads for them.

Further, coming down towards their affiliate commission, they offer 30% recurring commissions for any business, you send to them.

For registration, the process is really simple and you can do the same by clicking on the below link:

Start Earning with Leadpages Affiliate Partner Program

7. Shopify Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

I bet, you must have known about shopify which is an online selling site selling loads of different products. Here, by signing up with the shopify affiliate program, you can earn up to 20% commissions right from scratch.

For every business owner, Shopify is a great e-Commerce platform and with an attempt to become an affiliate marketer, you must surely try onto this one.

Start Earning with Shopify Affiliate Program

8. Get Response

affiliate programs

With an intention to offer up to 33% of commission for a lifetime, the all-time famous email marketing software Get Response can make you wealthy.

Here, with the help of their affiliate program, you can get the highest ever recurring payments.

In addition, the company even gives you a 120-Days Cookie life which is amazing in its own way. Finally, you even get an account manager followed by high converting marketing materials.

Start Earning with Get Response Affiliate Program

9. ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Among different affiliate programs, the ElegantThemes has to be in the Top 10. Why? Because they offer up to 50% commissions on each sale you bring their way.

In addition, you get the opportunity to earn commissions over the lifetime with the use of referral subscriptions.

Now, in case if you don’t know about ElegantThemes, it is a pretty much beautiful theme on WordPress.

They offer highly customizable themes whereas the subscription is done on an online basis.

Start Earning with ElegantThemes Affiliate Program

10. Berush Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

Till now, you must have seen different affiliate programs but Berush is a whole different one. This is probably one of the best affiliate programs from which is the leader in digital marketing solutions.

Being an affiliate member of SEMRush, you can earn 40% commission on sales and recurring commissions on future subscription renewals.

In addition, they even offer a massive 10-year cookie life followed by two payments per month option.

Start Earning with Berush Affiliate Program

11. Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

 Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Well, when it comes to theme based affiliate programs, Thrive Themes is, of course, one of the most popular ones out there.

Here, the company offers an amazing listing of products for internet marketers, bloggers who are using WordPress.

As per the commission goes, they pay 50% commission on their affiliates. In addition, you even get paid whenever you will refer users or in case they refer their license.

To be honest, I really like their affiliate program because they pay really high commissions.

Start Earning with Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

12. Social Pilot (Social Media Tool)

affiliate programs

Starting with the basics, SocialPilot is a social media automation tool which is much popular among digital marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Here, it helps you in organizing different updates on social media accounts as well as publishing on RSS.

Now, coming down towards commission, they offer 30% recurring commissions for a lifetime. Yes, this is pretty much decent and you can make loads of money just by referring them customers.

In addition, if the customer upgrades their plan, you will get your money for the same too which is an amazing thing.

Start Earning with Social Pilot Affiliate Program

13. JVZoo

affiliate programs

Having an experience of six years, the JVZoo is relatively a newcomer and works on the basics of SaaS approach in affiliate marketing.

In terms of their reputation, they were named among the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America. Here, different product sellers can list their products in JVZoo marketplace free of cost.

After which, the company gives 5% commission on anything which sells on their website. As for the affiliate marketers, you will get instant payment through your PayPal account as soon as the item gets sold.

Finally, in case if the buyer refunds the given product, the commission will be taken back at the earliest.

Start Earning with JVZoo Affiliate Program

14. CJ Affiliate

affiliate programs

Well, talking about the most popular affiliate programs will bring CJ Affiliate straight in your minds.

It is one of the most popular affiliate programs which has got global reach and was started in the year 1998.

Here, the company offers different options for you to sell products on your site.

Where, you can choose from multiple product selection via slideshow, grid or collage based on your preferences.

And, as usual, based on the products you sell, commissions will come all along the way.

Start Earning with CJ Affiliate Program

15. Amazon Associates

affiliate programs

Till now, I guess everyone has got their own Amazon account and have brought at least one product from the store.

Hence, it gives you immense satisfaction to become a partner of the Amazon Affiliates and earn affiliate commissions.

Here, the signup process is all free and you can put products on your site which have a sense of relevancy.

Thus, without getting into any third party individual programs, you can earn products of Amazon, with ease.

Still, here, you will have to look at the commission rates on different products. And, select the ones having a high commission rate, in any case.

Start Earning with Amazon Affiliates Program

16. Flipkart

affiliate programs

Speaking about one of the earliest e-commerce players, Yes Flipkart is one of them. They have been a brand of Trust and sell crores of products all over the world.

Hence, having crores of products simply means high chances of good conversion rates. Although, the commission on different products will vary based on the user landing on your page or buying that specific product.

Further, you can even earn the commission based on every installation of an app. On the Flipkart side, they give a bundle of tools which makes affiliate marketing much easier.

It has got ready to make product links, widgets, banners which you can simply plug-in to your site.

Overall, you can be sure of a pretty high commission from Flipkart.

Start Earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program

17. BigRock

affiliate programs

Bigrock is probably one of the biggest domain sellers in India and is still on the verge of expansion. Here, they have also got affiliate programs which come with high commission payouts.

Wondering about one of the biggest advantages of BigRock affiliate program? Well, it is their deep portfolio of products.

For instance, you can sell any product of BigRock ranging from Website Hosting, Domains, Email Hosting, DIY Website Builder Tool, Digital Certificates and much more.

In either case, if you run a blog then signing up for BigRock is a huge advantage for you. Thus, you can add BigRock services on your website, let the users convert and earn handsomely with ease.

Start Earning with BigRock Affiliate Program

 18. GoDaddy

affiliate programs

If there is one company which is competing with BigRock, it is none other than GoDaddy. Yes, it is the world’s leading domain name seller and has got a specific program for the same.

Here, you can earn commissions as high as 100% on the range of plans and services offered by GoDaddy.

Hence, you can earn commissions on domains, hosting plans, email accounts, and even reseller plans.

Finally, you get over 100 quick click-through banners which you can place on your site and start earning your commission.

Start Earning with GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Wrapping Things Up: Best Affiliate Programs of 2018

So, there we go. After spanning throughout the whole article, I hope you must have liked some of the above-given affiliate programs.

Hence, what you really need to do? Well, move ahead, choose any one or even two of them. And, become the next Big Affiliate marketer through these affiliate programs.